Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things That Make My Heart Melt

A number of things caused my heart to melt a little today:
  • Emma saying "Love You"
  • Listening to Glenn and Emma through the Baby Monitor
  • Emma sitting beside me and taking my hand to hold
  • Emma standing up and hugging my arm
  • Emma cuddling me when she was ready for Bed
  • Emma jumping across me on my bed and saying "Boom!"
Such great moments that make everyday worth being! Hope you all have them as well!

Sunday Delima's

I have a love-hate relationship with Sundays! I love Sunday, as I love Church and spending it with my sweet family. I hate Sundays as it can be really busy and exhausting. Well, today was a really great one!

This morning, my sweet husband let me sleep in, or at least tried to let me. He was out in the Family Room and heard Emma awake. Without realizing that I was awake, he went in to get her up, and let me sleep. I have to admit that one of my favorite things is to listen to Glenn and Emma interact through the monitor when they don't realize that I am listening. I love how much Glenn loves Emma, and seeing how comfortable he is caring for her.

We have the 1-4 pm block of church this year, and it is not easy with a toddler who naps 12:30 - 2:30 most days. Today was the first day this year I was able to get Emma to take a nap before Church! Great...or so I thought. It ends up that waking a baby after a 30 minute nap to take her to sacrament meeting does not make for a happy baby during Sacrament meeting. After the Sacrament had been passed, when Emma started acting up, Glenn took her out to let her pace the halls and let me enjoy the talks. Nursery went great for miss Emma, and I am so happy she now loves to be there (it was touch and go for several months!).

After Church, we put Emma down for her nap, and went to lay down and read. At 6 pm I decided we had to wake Emma up so that we were not up too long. We had a good play on our bed before I went to make dinner. It is now after dinner, and past Emma's bedtime, but I am listening to Emma play. With such a late nap, she is not ready to sleep, but at the same time she is tired. So, this becomes the hate time of Sundays! Our schedule is so thrown off that it is sometimes hard to adjust. All is good right now, and I hope it will continue to be for the rest of the night.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Emma Update

Each day I love Emma more then I did the day before. It is an amazing part of being a Mom. One that I knew would happen, but did not truly understand until it actually happened. I am amazed to watch her learn and grow. How quickly she is turning into a little girl, and not just a baby. We have been told over and over that it would go to quick, and how right all those people are.

Emma has now officially entered the terrible two's (okay, she still has 5 weeks to go). She is a very determined little girl. My Mother has mentioned that she is very like me at that age. She is generally a happy child, but as soon as you speak sternly to her, or tell her no, it is all tears and drama. She has recently taken to bringing the back of both hands up to her eyes to cry. It is really very cute, but frustrating when it happens ten times an hour. Her determination leads to this event several times a day.

We have also entered the time of language. Emma mimic's us constantly. She has her own dialect, but she is doing so good. She loves to watch what we call "toddler TV" and when they ask the viewers to "Say ..." she does. It is interesting to hear what comes out. She is understanding a lot, and trying to say much, but many of the words come out "duck" - her current favorite. We have some language confusion, and the last few months she has said "I stuck" when she wants to be picked up, and "hug" when she wants something. I am trying to ask her if she "wants to be picked up" or "do you want this item" and then she says "das" or something similar meaning yes. She is also very polite, and often says "Tank Tu" whenever you hand her something. We did not work on this, so I guess Glenn and I must tell her "thank you" a lot. I am now trying to work on "please" and "your welcome" but she is not picking these up yet.

I have recently started a new bedtime routine with Emma, and it seems to be a hit. When I go in to get her ready for bed, once I set her down, she grabs a book / The Friend, her blanket and Snuggly, and then cuddles in my lap to be read to. We have been doing this over the past two months, and have read The Friend cover to cover, and several books. In fact, I believe I have most of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" memorized (or at least I can give most pages a go, and get most the words done!) Glenn and I both love books, and we love to see that Emma is sharing this passion. We have been working a little with letters, and she seems to be picking some of it up. For Christmas she got a Leap Pad and a Leap Phone that both work on the phonics of letters. She loves to play with these, but I think she likes pushing the buttons more then hearing the words. Oh well! It is a start.

Glenn is thrilled that Emma loves toys, as he does. She really plays with them all, and it is hard for me to decide what needs to be put away. When Daddy comes home from work, Emma loves to pull out either her blocks or Lego's and take them to Daddy. It creates a huge mess each day, but she loves it. Her playing is often watching Daddy (or Mommy if she doesn't wait for Daddy) build something, and then she destroys it. We have nicknamed her Emmzilla in these instances. She is starting to stack things with the blocks, and try's to build with the Lego's, but that Terrible Two quick to frustration hits when it doesn't work right the first time!