Friday, June 3, 2011

Emma Progress Report

I am sitting here watching Emma play, and it is one of my favorite things. She is currently sitting on the floor playing with her music train and xylophone. She pushes a button to play a song, then plays her xylophone alone with the song. So cute.

Emma is growing like crazy lately, in all ways. She is now wearing a 3T, which seems so big. And her shoes are a size 7, but I think she is growing out of her church shoes again. She loves to wear hats and play dress-up with her tutu and princess dress. She is also talking up a storm. Some days I cannot get her to be quiet. It seems like she is adding new words every day, and loves to mimic the words we say. I am busy trying to teach her to ask using her words instead of her loud, panicked noise she makes. Really can't describe it.

Some of her favorite things lately include dancing to any and all music, coloring, play doh, swinging and playing with Lego's (believe me when I say Glenn is thrilled!). She loves Nursery on Sundays. They recently moved her up the the older nursery, so we are currently adjusting. Rigght now she is mostly standing back and watching all the older kids. There is now only one who is younger then her in there. She is uuse tto being tthe oldest, and having many friends just a few motths younger. This is a big change, and most of them are talking a lot better then she is. Hopefully she will learn some better language skills from these kids. She tends to watch and learn a lot from her play groups (things like crawling, climbing and walking).