Saturday, March 31, 2012

Army Man's Birthday!

 Emma's cousin (whom we will call "Army Man") had his 8th birthday on March 29th.  Today he had his birthday party at JJ Jump in Clackamas. This was Emma's first time at such a place, and she loved the ones that were her size.
 Her older cousin (Whom we will call Pirate Cousin) took Emma in to learn how to run in these things.  He is such a good cousin, and Emma loves her Pirate Cousin and would follow him anywhere.
 Emma decided she wasn't that into these things, and wanted to spend most of her time in the Under 5 room, where they had a kitchen, store, play house, stage and more.  She was going around the room gathering supply's and filling the play house. It was a good thing she mostly had the room to herself, because she was not into sharing that day.
After the play time was over, we all headed up to the party room upstairs for Army Man's cake and presents.  Army Man had a great time, and is growing up so fast.  Emma  loves playing with her cousins and had a great time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Emma is Three!

 For Emma's Third birthday, we planned a family party on Sunday March 18th.  After church, my parents, brothers and family were to come over to celebrate.  Emma and I attended our Church meetings, and came home to find out that Aunt Meredith had called to cancel.  Uncle Joe was sick, and Army Man had been up sick all night long.  Glenn was also not feeling well, hence he did not go to church.  I called my parents, and told them that everyone was sick, so we needed to postpone. 
 Since we already had the food and the cake, we did a small birthday party that night with just the three of us.  We had gotten a Princess Birthday hat for Emma to wear.  She loved seeing Mommy & Daddy put it on too.  The cake was a yummy Ice Cream Cake from Cold Stone, and it was hard as a stone to cut into.  Once we were in, Emma only ate the cake portions, and told us the ice cream was too cold. Oh well, I guess it will be regular cakes moving forward.

We did let Emma open one present that night, a Noah's Ark video game for the DS.  She loved this, and played with it the rest of the day.  On her actual birthday, we hosted a play group for her friends, and had mini-cupcakes that Emma and I baked the day before.  Isaiah & Eliza Atkinson, Kara & Cassie Dickinson and Ester Raquel Trejo all came to play with Emma.  We had lots of balloons around for them to play with, and sent a few home.  Emma loved sharing her cupcakes and was very proud that she had helped make them.  It was a good time on her birthday.

Grandpa & Grandma Cawood came that afternoon to give Emma her presents and share dinner with us.  After Glenn got home, Emma opened all her presents, and then we went to Red Robin for dinner.  Emma waited oh so patiently to get her balloon, and then they brought two and sang to her.  As much as she loved the balloons, she didn't the singing.  Oh well, she had a good birthday and got to see lots of those she loves.