Thursday, November 12, 2009


Emma's first Halloween was a full day of family and fun. Our family had been so busy this past month, that we were not able to get together to celebrate birthdays until the 31st. We gathered at my brother Joe's for a family lunch and to just visit. Both Joe and Glenn had birthday's this month, and it was time to celebrate, even if both of them would rather forget that they were a year older.

When we purchased Emma's costume, Glenn had called it the Super Secret Halloween costume, just trying to be funny. We had not shared what it was with anyone. My brother Joe took this personally, so he did not share his son's costumes either. After eating lunch, we had the big reveal. Emma was Snow White, Jacob a ninja, and Alex an army man. They all looked adorable.

After leaving my family, we dropped by Glenn's mom's to let Grandma Sharen see Snow White. We had a good visit, and got to share the holiday with everyone.