Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swim Lessons

For the past month, Emma and I have been taking Angelfish Lessons at the Hillsboro Aquatic Center. Today was our last lesson for this round, but we had so much fun, that we have signed up for next month too. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, we get in our suits, and step in the water to learn how to play together there.

Looking back over the past several weeks, Emma has learned lots. We have learned to float and kick on our tummy with the use of the pool noodle, chase a ball around the pool while on our tummy (with Mommy's help of course), to do sit dives off the side of the pool into Mommy's arms, and lots of songs and games to play together. Of course, we have also learned to go under water. This is not Emma's favorite activity, she is not fond of it. In fact, today, as soon as we sat her on the wall for her sit dive, she started clinging to me because she knew what was coming next. In fact, as I started counting 1..2..3 before blowing in her face to prepare her to go under, she started holding her breath.

Today as our last class, we also went down the big purple slide. All us Mommies were worried about this, but most the kids liked it. I think it helped that we held them out of the water at the bottom, and they did not go under. The worst part of it was the life jackets they had to wear. They were not very comfortable for the smaller and younger kids in the class. Emma is about in the middle, and it is still a little overwhelming for her.

We will miss our swim classes next week, and look forward to March 29th, when we can start again!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Zoo Times

It is official. I am now a member of the Oregon Zoo. Glenn took half the day off today, and we took Emma to the zoo. While we were there, we purchased a single plus membership. This allows me to get into the zoo and bring a guest with me. Emma is free until she is three, so Glenn will be my guest sometimes, and when he is at work, I can take a friend with me. And if they have young kids under 3, even better.

So we started our adventure at the Zoo by heading down to the Predators of the Serengeti. This is the exhibit that opened up last September. We were there just a week before it opened, and have not been back since. It is good to have lions back in our zoo, and they are beautiful. Emma still doesn't get the zoo, but she does enjoy moving along in her stroller. In fact, whenever we stopped, she would complain. To her, the stroller is meant to be moving at all times!

When in the exhibit, we let her out to crawl for a few minutes. She found a little two year old girl to chase and play with, and scare by roaring at. Her parents laughed and said that she was the same way when Emma's age. Emma loves to have other children around. I really need to find a weekly play group for her this summer. I am going to have to ask around to see if anyone else is interested in getting together.