Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teeth, teeth & More teeth

This month has been one for growing teeth. We started January with Emma having only two (the two bottom ones). As of today, she has seven. Three broke through in two days. Number six was a few days later, and now number seven came in yesterday. Poor Emma has not always been sleeping well with all these sore gums and teeth breaking through, but she sure has learned how to use them quickly. Just this afternoon, she decided to bite my big toe! How do you teach your 10 month old not to bite you?

I am hoping that the teeth growing slows down a bit now, but her poor gums are still swollen on top, and she is not allowing me to brush her teeth and gums right now. Overall I think we have all been lucky with the teeth growing. Emma has not been in too much pain and has mostly still been happy. And I have not been up all night with her (but she sure is restless in her sleep these days). Only one night did she wake up twice, and the second time seemed to be a bad dream. Of course I am thinking the dream was due to the sore gums.