Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember When

I have been reading posts from my friends on Facebook remembering 9-11. I don't know that I will ever forget that day.

Glenn and I were freshly married (only 52 days) and were on our way to work. I was driving down I-84 and turned on the radio. At first, we could not understand what we were listening to, but as it became clear what had happened, we were stunned. As we were listening, the second plane descended on the second tower. Also, reports were starting to come in on the plane hitting the Pentagon and the other in Pennsylvania. And then the towers crumbled. We could hear it over the radio as it was reported. It was so hard to wrap my brain around what was happening.

After dropping Glenn off and arriving to work myself, I kept listening to the reports. My boss brought in a TV and we were able to get some of the pictures. I don't know that we got any work done that day. As the numbers started to come in of those who lost their lives that day, all I could do was cry. A few days later we attended the mass funeral at our church. The place was packed as we watched the broadcast from Salt Lake and mourned those whose lives were lost. So many people who lost their lives just because they were American's. After nine years, I still cannot understand this kind of hate, and that you can hate a person just based on where they live. I hope that my daughter never understands that kind of hate either.