Friday, March 21, 2014

A Very Princess Tea Party

Emma Turned 5 on the 20th of March, so on the 21st we had a Princess Tea Party to celebrate.  This was Emma's first official Birthday Party (The past three years we have done a play group instead) so it was a big deal.

The Decorations: Of course, the colors were Pink and Purple, like every good princess

 We went with flowers for our center piece.  Emma will help me plant these in our planter boxes next week.  I needed to be somewhat practical.

The Activities: As the girls arrived, I wanted them to have something to keep themselves busy.  So we had a craft table set up to decorate their own crowns.  There was Glitter Glue and stickers to make their master pieces!

 After our crowns were done, it was time for some games.  Our first game was "Spin the Nail Polish Bottle.  Whichever bottle it landed on, they had one hand painted.  It quickly turned into the girl picked which color she wanted.  And Emma refused to have her nails painted? Oh well.  they seemed to enjoy it.

The next game was "Pin the Gem on the Crown".  The girls loved this.  Each got two turns, and wanted more.  It was fun to watch them, and they were excited with the final product.



Next we played Balloon Ping Pong.  This was also a huge hit.  We started with one balloon at a time, and slowly added until we had two balloons per girl.  They played this game for at least 10 minutes.

 The Food:

We had Sandwiches (Nutella with Banana, and Marshmallow Fluff with Strawberries), Carrot & Celery Sticks in Ranch Dip, Fruit sticks, Olives and mini chocolate cupcakes.  To drink we had Strawberry Lemon-aid and chocolate Milk.  The reactions on the food went from eating nothing but frosting, to eating everything, but most especially the carrots and celery.

 The Gifts: It quickly became apparant that with 6 4/5 year olds. opening presents was a group affair.  Lucky for me Emma is very gracious with her friends, and was happy to let everyone crowd in.

Wrapping Things Up: After the gifts, there was still 20 minutes until the girls parents were coming for them.  They were excited that they got to play, but I soon discovered that this lead to some chaos. People wanting to play with someone who was busy with another, or wanted to play with a toy someone else had.  My solution? Take them in the front yard for bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  They also started their own games of Tag and Hide and Seek.

As all the Mom's came, I had some party favors ready. Each girl got to take a balloon, a princess wand, a Bubble Pen, a candy covered Pretzel or lollypop and their crown (of course!).  Emma helped me with making the candy, so she was happy.

All in all, it was a great party, and as Mom, I was exhausted.  Most important of all, Emma loved it and is thrilled with her day with her friends.