Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Halloween was very busy for Emma and I this year.  We started our day dressing Emma up as a very warm Lady Bug and met Kristen, Grandma Kim and Uncle KJ at the Zoo. It was a cool day, so I had put several layers on Emma.  She was very stylish with her blac velvet bolero and leopard print hat with pink flower.  She made a very sweet lady bug.

 Emma loves spending time with her Uncle KJ.  They had great fun at the statue garden, climbing and posing.  We saw lots of animals, and ended with lunch in the restaurant on top.
 Emma and I picked up Glenn at work in the late afternoon.  We had arranged to have dinner at my Brother Joe's house and let Emma go Trick or Treating with Pirate Cousin and Army Man. Emma had made a costume change and was now a princess.

 Uncle Joe and Glenn took the kids out to trick or treat.  It wasn't long before Emma was tired and cold, so they came back in.  After a few minutes Pirate Cousin and Army Man headed back out for more candy.
Emma had a great first Halloween, and loved spending it with her cousins!