Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Letter Update

I decided not to send out Christmas Letters this year, but decided to still do a Christmas Letter to update everyone on our lives over the last year.  But since I am not mailing cards, I decided to post it on my blog and share on Facebook.  So, hopefully most everyone will still get to see it (We may need to send a few special ones to Grandparents who do not use technology!)

So, here is our Family Update for 2013:

  • "Babysitting Computers" for IBM - will be celebrating his 20 years in the coming months
  • Moved offices, cutting his commute in half - now only 10-15 minutes long! Yeah!
  • Called as Membership Clerk for Brookwood Ward - so he is now the guy wandering around Sacrament Meeting counting all in attendance - sometimes he even has a little pink shadow following him "helping Daddy"
  • Started attending Game Night with several men (mostly in our ward) a couple times a month
  • Dealing with the loss of his Mother - Sharen Case - and planned her funeral.  We really miss her. 
  • Playing Skylanders and Disney Infinity with Emma on the X-box 360 

  • Teaching Emma's Preschool
  • Released as Primary Secretary after 5+ years
  •  Joined Weight Watchers in April - has lost over 50 lbs
  •  Going in for Carpel Tunnel Surgery two days after Christmas ... Finally!
  • We were approved to adopt again - our profile is at 

  • Turned 4
  • Completed 1st year of Preschool, and started 2nd year
  • Finished potty training! Yeah (Mom is very excited about this!)
  • Loves Pink, Purple, Cats, Hello Kitty, Unicorns, Horses, Cloths
  • Quazi, her Imaginary Friend, has moved in with us. She is also often visited by several other imaginary friends daily. 

Looking Forward to 2014
  • Visiting Disney World in May
  • Taking Adoption/Fostering classes with DHS - looking at adopting older children.
  • Emma starting Kindergarden in September

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!